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The OpsGuru Story

In 2014, the management team at UC Irvine Health recognized that system efficiency and customer satisfaction were below expectations. To address these issues they assembled a cross-functional team to study the causes of these problems and propose appropriate solutions.

The team put together a plan with 2 key components. The Ambulatory Care Improvement Project (ACIP) established standards and best practices for operations in the system’s 51 practices. ACIP objectives were measured and obtained through the use of Clinical Operations Management & Patient Analytics System (COMPAS), a software system developed by the hospital’s IT department. COMPAS gave them the ability to monitor the progress of patients through their visits, and helped identify bottlenecks, overloads and underutilization.

Through the use of ACIP and COMPAS, UCI Health recognized significant operational improvement.

  • Patient cycle time was reduced from 86 minutes to 62
  • Utilization increased from 31% to 47%
  • Patient satisfaction increased from 88% to 90%
  • Cost per visit decreased from $224 to $187
  • Overall revenue increased by $3.9 million, with no additional staffing or facilities

The team was so thrilled with these results that they entered the program into 2016 CAPH/SNI Quality Leaders Awards, and won top prize. The California Health Care Safety Net Institute (SNI) is the 501c3 affiliate of the California Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems (CAPH), and supports California’s public health care systems in their efforts to improve the way they deliver care.

Between the award, and through the industry grapevine, word of the success started to spread. Other hospitals asked UCI for access to the COMPAS technology. A team was put together to create a business out of this innovative technology, and OpsGuru was born.

The COMPAS system is prominently displayed in a physician workroom at UCI Health

The OpsGuru Team

Jeff Greenberg – CEO

  • Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of 2 UCI Spinoffs including Hiperwall
  • Thirty years of experience in the computer industry
  • B.S. in Computer Science from Rutgers University, M.S. in Computer Science from UC Irvine, MBA from Pepperdine

Curtis Hendrick – Innovation Advisor

  • Director of Client Services and Innovation, UCI Medical Center
  • Developed requirements for COMPAS pilot deployment
  • Managed COMPAS pilot deployment and product enhancements

Mike Glover – Technical Advisor

  • Lead Developer/Supervisor, UCI Medical Center
  • Developed and supervised development of COMPAS pilot deployment
  • Fourteen years of experience in the computer industry