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COMPAS for CMOs, CNOs, CAOs, & Other Medical Providers

Make better patient care decisions!

Key Benefits

  • Make better, more informed patient care decisions that will:
    • Reduce patient cycle time,
    • Increase patient satisfaction,
    • Increase staff job satisfaction.
  • COMPAS is low impact and requires minimal staff training:
    • No additional actions required of doctors,
    • Minimal additional actions required of nurses and medical assistants.
  • Elimination of physical infrastructure installation requirements eliminates patient care disruption.

Why does this matter?

Caring for people isn’t just your career, it’s your life’s work, and you strive to do the best job possible.  Providing top quality care that maximizes patient satisfaction means having the best available resources at your disposable.  We know your doctors, nurses, and medical assistants are your primary ally, but tools like COMPAS are important too.

COMPAS helps improve patient cycle time by more efficiently utilizing your clinic’s physical resources like exam rooms to minimize unnecessary waiting and maximize overall patient satisfaction.